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Grids & Glyphs

Celebrating the life and work of Matthew Baumgardner (1955 –2018), this exhibition explores his creative process and inner spirit. It focuses on how he synthesized rigid grids and gestural glyphs to contemplate the four elements of nature in a highly personal way. In 1991 Baumgardner invented his signature medium called “mud,” a thick paint-like paste, created with gypsum and powered pigments that he applied to the surface in multiple layers of grids and glyphs.

This exhibit is curated by Dr. Diane P. Fischer’s students from Art 274: Curatorial Issues and Practices: Brandon Barney, Mercy Fisher, Rebecca Fulford, Gracey Greco, Micaela Hogan, Lily Russell, Sophia Scheibeler, and Adare Taylor.

Virtual Exhibition Opening Talk by Dr. Sarah Archino

Explore the virtual gallery Below.
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Exhibition installation Shots
By Jeremy Fleming

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